Feed grains buying terms and conditions for Iranian customers

One of the biggest export destination for Russian and Kazakhstan grains like feed barley and feed corn is Iran; mostly of these feed grains are shipping from Caspian Sea to Iranian North ports, like Amirabad and Anzali ports.

Our terms of payment:

30% prepayment in advance and 70% due upon shipment documents through Iranian authorized exchanged bank offices (Accepted both in Euro or Rubble currencies).  


  • Is there any bond against this 30%  prepayment for Russian grains? No, it depends on trust!
  • Which terms of payment is suitable to Iranian customers? Actually, choosing a terms of payment is depends on companies financial strategies and we cannot give our opinion in this matter but what  obvious is that terms of payment has effects on price due to margin costs and also time of delivery that should pay attention on first stage of negotiation. However, what obvious about Iranian customers is that they are limited on choosing terms of payment due to the sanctions.

Attention: About 80% of Russian companies who claim can export grains are not qualified about this purpose or fraudulent.


For more information call to our sales department directly or via WhatsApp (English, German, Azeri, Persian languages): +49 1520 170 6517

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