Crude Soybean Oil

Soybean oil supply to the neutralization or caustic refining process can be crude oil, crude degummed soybean oil, or a mixture; Crude soybean oil is vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the soybean, has an oil content accounting for around 22% of the dry seed.

This product is one of the most widely consumed cooking oils and is rich in linolenic acid, which more readily undergoes oxidative deterioration, producing a beanlike smell.

The solvent is removed to produce the initial crude oil. Crude degummed soybean oil is defined as pure soybean oil produced from fair to average quality crude soybean oil from which most of the natural gums (phospholipids) have been removed by hydration and mechanically separated.

Soybean oil Industrial uses

Soybean oil can be converted into many different organic chemicals. Soybean oil triglycerides may be split for using the Colgate-Emery process into glycerol and fatty acids, or soybean oil soapstock may be acidified to produce fatty acids that can be recovered.

Crude soybean fatty acids are used to make adhesive tape, shaving compounds, textile water repellents, carbon paper, and typewriter ribbons. However, more often the fatty acids are separated into various fractions by distilling, and they are used in candles, crayons, cosmetics, polishes and buffing compounds, and mold lubricants. Purified fatty acids and fractions thereof are converted into a wide variety of oleochemicals, such as dimer and trimer acids, diacids, alcohols, amines, amides, and esters.


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Crude Soybean Oil

Standard: FOSFA International

Typical Specifications of ‘Societe des Huiles Et Derives’ of Crude Degummed Soybean Oil: FOSFA 51

Oil is of good merchantable quality produced from sound soybeans
with Minimum Flash point of 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius)
FFA (As oleic with molecular weight of 282): Basis: 1%, Maximum 1.25%


  • 1.01% to 1.05%- discount to be 0.6% of contract price
  • 1.06% to 1.15%- discount to be 0.9% of contract price
  • 1.16% to 1.25%- discount to be 1.2% of contract price


Moisture and Volatile Matter: Maximum: 0.20%
Impurities (insoluble in petrol ether): Maximum: 0.10%
Sediment: Maximum: 0.10%
Lecithin (expressed as Phosphorous): Basis: 0.020%, Maximum: 0.025%


  • Up to 0.021%- discount to be 0.2% of contract price
  • 0.022%- discount to be 0.4% of contract price
  • 0.023%- discount to be 0.6% of contract price
  • 0.024%- discount to be 0.9% of contract price
  • 0.025%- discount to be 1.2% of contract price

Color (Lovibond cell 1 inch): Basis: not darker than 50 Yellow plus 5 Red
Unsaponifiable Matter: Maximum: 1.5%

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