Organic Sunflower Meal

Common names 

  • Sunflower meal, sunflower oil meal, sunflower oilmeal, sunflowerseed meal, sunflower seed meal
  • Sunflower cake, sunflower oil cake, sunflower oilcake, sunflower seed cake
  • Dehulled sunflower meal, dehulled sunflower cake, decorticated sunflower meal, decorticated sunflower cake
  • Undecorticated sunflower meal, undecorticated sunflower cake, non-dehulled sunflower meal

Sunflower meal is the by-product of sunflower oil extraction process.

Oil is the majority value of sunflower seed and meal is considered a by-product which is an excellent livestock feed, especially for ruminants.

A wide variety of products are available on the market, from low-quality straw-like meals to high-quality flours.

This meal can be made from whole or decorticated seeds, and can be mechanically and/or solvent-extracted. While solvent-extracted sunflower meal remains the main type of meal commercially available, oil-rich sunflower meals obtained by mechanical pressure only have become more popular since the 2000s, with the development of organic farming and on-farm oil production.

The quality of  meal depends on the plant characteristics (seed composition, hulls/kernel ratio, dehulling potential, growth and storage conditions) and on the processing (dehulling, mechanical and/or solvent extraction).

Like other protein feeds such as fish meal or soybean meal, sunflower meal is usually graded and sold on the basis of its protein content, for example “28”, “29”, “37”, etc.

The colour of this meal ranges from grey to black depending on the degree of dehulling (meals with less hulls are lighter) and on the extraction process.

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