Corn oil

Corn oil is oil extracted from the germ of corn. Its main use is in cooking, where its high smoke point makes it a valuable frying oil. It is also a key ingredient in some margarines. Corn oil has a milder taste and is less expensive than most other types of vegetable oils. Refined corn oil is 99% triglyceride, with proportions of approximately 59% polyunsaturated fatty acid, 24% monounsaturated fatty acid, and 13% saturated fatty acid.

Corn Oil for Cooking

The corn oil is used for frying, as a shortening in baking., salad dressings, margarine, etc.

Corn Oil for External use

Corn oil is also used as a skin soother and softener (emollient). It is rich in linoleic acid, one of the three essential fatty acids. It is sometimes used as a carrier for drug molecules in pharmaceutical preparations.

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