Soybean Meal

Common names

Soybean meal, soya meal, soymeal, soyabean meal, soya bean meal, soybean cake, soybean oil meal;Sojaschrot [German]; tourteau de soja [French]; Bã đậu nành [Vietnamese]; 大豆粕 [Japanese]; 豆粕 [Chinese]; Соевый жмых [Russian]

The biggest soybean meal supplier is Argentina which exports almost half of all soybean meal in the world. Argentina consequently plays a big role in derivative soybean meal prices. Brazil and USA are other big exporters after Argentina.

Soybean meal is produced from the residue left after oil extraction. (Removal of the oil, which is used mostly in food, but also for industrial oils, soaps and biodiesel, involves crushing and either pressing or solvent extraction.), about 98 percent of soybean meal is used as animal feed. Some, but not all, soybean meal contains ground soybean hulls.

Soybean meal is heat-treated during production, to denature the trypsin inhibitors of soybeans, which would otherwise interfere with protein digestion.

This animal feed is often recommended for use in starter rations when creep feeding lambs. It has been estimated that, of soy meal fed to animals in the US, 48 percent is fed to poultry, 26 percent to swine, 12 percent to beef cattle, 9 percent to dairy cattle, 3 percent is used in fish feed and about 2 percent in pet food

Minimum quantity order for this product is 12500MTs in bulk vessel and 500MTs container based order.

We are soybean meal suppliers and exporters from Argentina and Brazil in bulk for our customers around the world.

Available in Bulk Vessel 12500MTs.

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Organic Soyabean Meal

Origin: Argentina, Brazil, USA

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