Request for Quote

For the best assistance to you we require to have your official request regarding your grain/edible oil inquiry by letter of intent.

  1. Download Letter of Intent file.
  2. Complete LOI on your company letterhead, sign and stamp.
  3. Send PDF format of LOI to our Info Desk department at:

Attention: We do not reply to inquiries, If it is an:

  • Incomplete LOI
  • LOI without official company letterhead, signature and stamp
  • LOI with unreal market price or without bid price

Need assistance to fill in letter of intent? Follow below instructions

Position of person in contact with us: 

If you are buyer’s mandate you should be authorized company/person.

Attn: We do not work with brokers who expect fictitious commission!



Edible oils & Meat: Minimum Quantity Order is 40MT and Maximum 500MTs

Bulk Grains: Minimum Quantity Order is 5000MT and Maximum 50,000MTs

Note: Our grain products transport type is just Bulk vessel


*Price you expect to get the product (bid price) should be mentioned on LOI to save both parties time!

Terms of Payment: 100% LC at sight